This article is titled “untitled” simply cause right now there is nothing in my mind to fill that space, maybe it shall come later on.

I have recently started painting again after what has seemed like years when in fact it has been just a couple of months  the main reason I guess is I am now studying for a degree and where this could take up a large amount of time it does not cause I am not the most dedicated of students still I enjoy the subject(s) I have chosen and that is what counts  the most.



No the real reason for the lack of smearing various pigments across a canvas has been one of love pure and simple that of a new relationship that of getting to know someone special, someone kind gentle learning to be a better man to be a better person though work may well have something to do with that too you see after a long time of having no job I now have a job and after a fairly long time of being single that condition has been disqualified too  and indeed as much as I enjoy writing I get the inspiration to write more and not just in terms of study but more on the creative side too. We have known each other since March probably/maybe earlier than that we have been seeing each other since April she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend.

The art of letter writing I mean a real old fashioned letter on paper or card with pen and ink with bits crossed out and spelling mistakes then finding the stamps to send it on its way it means so much more to give and receive in this way than some email.

I would accompany this writing with a painting and I shall its just not ready yet.